A Study on Knowledge Gain and Retention when Using Multimedia Learning Materials of Different Quality

Maja Gligora Marković, Dijana Plantak Vukovac, Božidar Kliček
2015 Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences  
The usage of multimedia has proven to foster meaningful learning, but not every multimedia resource will necessarily contribute to the teaching-learning process. Since for the development of multimedia learning materials (MLMs) additional time and effort is required for everyone involved in the development process to pay proper attention to its quality in order to achieve desired learning effects. The paper deals with issues regarding the quality of multimedia learning materials (MLMs) as well
more » ... s the relationship between MLM quality and knowledge retention. The results of an experimental study that involves low-quality and high-quality MLMs for two different topics and their effects on knowledge gain and retention of the polytechnic school students are presented. For the purpose of the research the LORI assessment tool was used to evaluate the quality of MLMs. The analysis of research data shows that MLMs developed according to the principles of multimedia learning and principles for reducing cognitive load were perceived as being of higher quality than those that were not developed using multimedia principles. Furthermore, the students' usage of high-quality MLMs during treatment resulted in better knowledge acquisition and retention indicated by significantly higher scores in the three knowledge assessments.
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