Effect of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles on Total Salivary Peroxidase Activity of Human Saliva : In Vitro Study

Suha T. Abd, Abbas F. Ali
2015 Journal of Baghdad College of Dentistry  
The potential use of zinc oxide and other metal oxide nanoparticles in biomedical are gaining interest in the scientific and medical communities, largely due to the physical and chemical properties of these nanomaterials. The present work revealed the effect of zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnONPs) on the total salivary peroxidase enzyme activity of human saliva in comparison to de-ionized water. Materials and methods: Forty eight unstimulated saliva samples were collected from dental
more » ... rsity of Baghdad 18-22 years. Then measure the total salivary peroxidase activity first without any addition to human saliva as a control, second with dilution the saliva with de-ionized water, and third with zinc oxide nanoparticles in concentration (5.8 mg/ml). Results: The results showed that there was significant inhibition of the activity of the total salivary peroxidase enzyme in the presence ZnO NPs and non-significant inhibition of enzyme activity in the presence de-ionized as compared with control group. Conclusion: Zinc oxide nanoparticles have inhibition effect on total salivary peroxidase activity
doi:10.12816/0015316 fatcat:xwkqej4wa5ds5gzj62i7f6usbi