Studying Cloud as IaaS for Big Data Analytics : Opportunity, Challenges

Amitkumar Manekar, Dr Pradeepini Gera
2018 International Journal of Engineering & Technology  
James Watt steam engine revolution was greatest revolution in mankind history in 20th century. In 1776, the first steam engines were installed and working in commercial enterprises. This revolution minimize and make world smaller for human being, now world is connected seamlessly. "Big Data Analytics and Cloud" these two words are second numerous revolutions in 21st century. We are living in an era of information explosion. These two magical terms are nothing but relatively very new and
more » ... ery new and fortunately diverted all market trends to a new era of computation in last decade. As these two emerging technology are their early childhood, many people were confused with its relevancy and applicability. Cloud Computing is Infrastructure based solution for managing data and computational framework. 2016 was a significantly more important year for this volumes data technology or Big Data eco system as large number of enterprises, and organizations are generating data, storing that data and worried about future aspect of that data. In 2017, corporate world take cognizance of their large volumes structured and unstructured data as these enterprises and organizations continuously generating large volumes data. The term big data doesn't just refer to the massive amounts of data existing today, it also refers to the whole ecosystem of Storing or gathering data, Different types of data and analyzing that data. In traditional data ecosystem all leverages are with legacy system. Transforming or migration of these traditional ecosystems to the cloud is full of great challenges and benefits. Cloud computing is an agile and scalable resource access computation paradigm, provides heterogeneous platform seamlessly with infrastructure of internet, exclusively for the trapped and work on pre and post process of big data. Now the challenges are finding opportunity and challenges for managing, migrating and abstracting cloud based big data using cloud infrastructure for future eco system of Big Data Analysis. This paper is basically focused on this issue. We try to reevaluate the facts of existing Cloud Infrastructure as IaaS for tomorrow's big data analytics.
doi:10.14419/ijet.v7i2.7.11094 fatcat:x52j7a3ilngflbxjtnnvgznksq