A Heuristic Approach for Optimal Planning and Operation of Distribution Systems

Khalid Mohammed Saffer Alzaidi, Oguz Bayat, Osman N. Uçan
2018 Journal of Optimization  
The efficient planning and operation of power distribution systems are becoming increasingly significant with the integration of renewable energy options into power distribution networks. Keeping voltage magnitudes within permissible ranges is vital; hence, control devices, such as tap changers, voltage regulators, and capacitors, are used in power distribution systems. This study presents an optimization model that is based on three heuristic approaches, namely, particle swarm optimization,
more » ... rm optimization, imperialist competitive algorithm, and moth flame optimization, for solving the voltage deviation problem. Two different load profiles are used to test the three modified algorithms on IEEE 123- and IEEE 13-bus test systems. The proposed optimization model uses three different cases: Case 1, changing the tap positions of the regulators; Case 2, changing the capacitor sizes; and Case 3, integrating Cases 1 and 2 and changing the locations of the capacitors. The numerical results of the optimization model using the three heuristic algorithms are given for the two specified load profiles.
doi:10.1155/2018/6258350 fatcat:gdnjfi6gw5agxjlxgfudrazmdy