115 kDa protein from Xenopus laevis embryos recognized by antibodies directed against the Xenopus homeoprotein XIHbox 1

M Flavin, J P Saint-Jeannet, A M Duprat, F Strauss
1995 International Journal of Developmental Biology  
Using antibodies against homeoprotein XIHbox 1 from Xenopus laevis, we have detected a new embryonic protein with a much larger molecular weight, 115 kDa. Antibodies fractionated according to their affinity for 3 different domains of the XIHbox 1 protein were used to show that this new protein is related to the C-terminal region of XIHbox 1 protein, downstream from the homeodomain. By immunohistochemistry, the protein was shown to be localized in nuclei of embryonic cells. On SDS-polyacrylamide
more » ... SDS-polyacrylamide gels, the 115 kDa protein appears as a set of closely spaced bands whose pattern varies with the stage of development and with the parental origin of the embryos. The protein could be extracted from embryos in a multiprotein complex of approximately 600 kDa. In contrast, the 18 and 27 kDa proteins predicted from the sequence of cloned cDNA to be transcribed and translated from the XIHbox 1 gene could not be detected, suggesting that they are rare or unstable in embryos. These data suggest that the new protein is involved in the development of Xenopus embryos, with a function possibly related to that of the homeoprotein XIHbox 1.
pmid:7669543 fatcat:6bg6jppxkragxl7fsuuwodxe4a