The Cancer Principle-IV: The Inevitability and Invincibility of Cancer

2020 Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development  
The inevitability and invincibility of cancer despite the evolution of various systemic strategies such as apoptosis, senescence and autophagy etc. over millennia in all species, point to its fundamental ingrainment in all existence as the principle of unrestrained proliferation. Cancer is in real command of all cellular and organismic processes and can reorient and modulate them all to its advantage. It seems reasonably clear that all life, whether unicellular or multicellular, individual or
more » ... ecies, is destined to end in a cancerous boom. It has found ways to evade all suppression mechanisms and strategies and can stem from many sources and causes such as external chemical and viral carcinogens and also internal genetic reasons.
doi:10.37506/ijphrd.v11i6.9737 fatcat:bqvo64gbvfeyren3et7gfvg2ny