Sb2Se3(100) : A strongly anisotropic surface

Roberta Totani, Fabian O. von Rohr, Jianzhou Zhao, Zbynek Novotny, Wolf-Dietrich Zabka, Alexey Soluyanov, Jürg Osterwalder
Interest in antimony selenide (Sb 2 Se 3 ) has been constantly growing in the recent past, especially for its promising properties for applications in the field of solar energy technologies. Surprisingly, the surface properties of this material, which is built from van der Waals stacked one-dimensional (1D) ribbons, have not been studied in detail yet. Here we demonstrate that Sb 2 Se 3 crystals cleave along the (100) planes. The resulting surface shows a pronounced 1D structure, reflecting the
more » ... stacking of ribbons in the bulk crystal. The cleaving process leads to the formation of slightly tilted surface domains, with the tilt angles oriented invariably along the ribbon directions, suggesting a strong anisotropy of the internal friction forces. Our angle-resolved photoemission data reveal that the 1D character of the crystalline structure of this material is also reflected in its electronic band structure.
doi:10.1103/physrevmaterials.3.125404 fatcat:i4ljpeccmfdrfi5pl3vkzb7u4q