Comparison of Apgar score of the minute 5 and 10 of neonates borne by painless delivery (IV sedation) and Cesarean section

fereidon Sabzi, hasan Teimori, fatemeh nematollahi
2006 Yafteh  
Painless delivery using IV sedation is a method in which the pain and anxiety delivery process will be reduced by IV injection of analgesic and sedative drugs to the mother. In this method the health of neonate is taken into account. Neonate's health can be measured by Apgar score system. This research was carried out to study Apgar score of the minutes 5 and 10 in neonates borne by painless natural delivery and Cesarean C. Materials and Methods: In this clinical trials study, 60 pregnant women
more » ... , 60 pregnant women referred to Bakhtar hospital for natural delivery and Cesarean were selected using census method including 30 painless deliveries and 30 women underwent Cesarean section. A questionnaire was filled out for each of them and those who had not any problem, were used as study group. Painless delivery through IV injection of Ketamine and Midazolam and Cesarean section through general anesthesia were done, and Apgar score in the minutes 5 and 10 in both groups were measured. No significant difference in term of parity and age was observed in the both groups. 90% of the painless group neonates in minute 5, and all of the neonates in the minute 10 had Apgar scores of 9 and 10. In Cesarean group, 20% of the neonates in minute 5, and 10% of the neonates in minute 10, had Apgar scores of 7 and 8. Mann – Whitney test showed no significant statistical difference between Apgar scores in the minutes 5 and 10 in both groups. All the neonates had Apgar score of 7 to 10. The average interval time between the two groups, was significantly different. Time interval was much more in painless delivery (11.83 minutes versus 5.5 minutes). Findings: Neonates of the painless delivery group, in comparison with Cesarean group, didn't have low Apgar score despite the usage of analgesic and sedative drugs as well as passing of fetus from birth canal. Therefore, painless delivery with IV sedation is a safe delivery.
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