Salt Ingestion Test of the AGT 1500 Recuperated Automotive Gas Turbine

Thomas M. Bodman, Thomas P. Priore
1988 Volume 2: Aircraft Engine; Marine; Microturbines and Small Turbomachinery   unpublished
A salt ingestion test was performed on the AGT 1500 recuperated automotive gas turbine engine at the Naval Ship Systems Engineering Station (NAVSSES) for the U.S. Marine Corps. The Marine Corps was concerned about the AGT 1500's ability to tolerate their amphibious and maritime environments. The AGT 1500 was operated for two 450 hour endurance runs burning Navy diesel fuel' and ingesting aerosol salt. It suffered no failures or significant loss of power as a result of the ingested salt or operations with Navy diesel fuel.
doi:10.1115/88-gt-196 fatcat:nvwrxns7lne2bfoawud44gwkiy