2002 A Reader in Latina Feminist Theology  
This collection of original articles represents the critical reflections and voices of Latinas engaged in theology in the United States of America. Other well-known feminist anthologies have brought together and identified the "experiences of women." However, the experiences presented in those anthologies continue to be dominated almost exclusively by Euro-American or Afro-American women. This collection is an attempt to add the perspectives of U.S. Latinas to that feminist religious
more » ... l construction. This reader includes contributions from Latinas who live all around the United States of America, who are not only ethnically diverse but ecclesiologically diverse as well, and as such they are representative of the Latina mosaic that is a reality in our communities. We lift our voices to share the variety of issues that interest us, trouble us, challenge us, and motivate us. We are aware of how important it is for women to hear one another's voices to enhance the work that needs to be done. The addition of our Latina voices, as expressed in our diverse methodologies and approaches, provides to the national tapestry of "women's experiences" the missing textures, colors, shapes, and shades that are created by our Latina context. By adding the experiences of Latinas we seek to transform and enlarge that tapestry and create maría pilar aquino, daisy l. machado, and jeanette rodríguez xiv A READER IN LATINA FEMINIST THEOLOGY
doi:10.7560/705098-002 fatcat:e33zofdh5zgkjl7jeymzoaxxom