The role of e-learning in the modern high education

V. V. Filatov, A. V. Gobysh
2021 Профессиональное образование в современном мире  
The article is devoted to the problem of establishing the frames to use distant learning in higher education. The topic relevance is related to emerging a force majeure situation associated with a pandemic, which made it possible to carry out a unique experiment on such large-scale training applying. The paper analyzes some aspects of this problem concerning the mathematical discipline learning at the technical university junior courses. The study is based on the analysis of scientific
more » ... scientific publications by domestic and foreign authors devoted to the problems of mixed learning, distant learning, and peculiarities of teaching mathematical disciplines in universities. The author conclude that the main problems of introducing e-learning and distant learning technologies into the educational process is insufficient motivation of students pronounced especially in junior courses. They note that the effectiveness of using distant educational technologies in additional education is largely due to the good motivation of people who want to improve their professional level. The paper discusses results obtained during the forced transition to distant learning (March-July 2020), in particular, gives the rationale for a certain model of mixed learning. It emphasizes that, as the threat of the pandemic situation repetition, as well as the need for a new transition to e-learning are not excluded, the problem of motivating students should be given special attention at all educational process levels.
doi:10.20913/2618-7515-2020-4-08 fatcat:oxwg6qvujna2zmfvockd3j336y