Magnetic-Field-Induced Normal Force of Magnetorheological Elastomer under Compression Status

Guojiang Liao, Xinglong Gong, Shouhu Xuan, Chaoyang Guo, Luhang Zong
2012 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research  
The magnetic-field-induced normal force of magnetorheological elastomer (MRE) under compression status is studied in this paper. The influence of monotonic loading of the magnetic field, particle distribution, temperature, and cyclic loading of the magnetic field are investigated. The experimental results show that the normal force increases with increasing magnetic field and precompression force. For aligned MRE, the change of the magnetic-field-induced normal force is larger than that of
more » ... r than that of isotropic MRE due to the special chainlike structure. When the temperature increases, the maximum change of the magnetic-field-induced normal force first increases and then decreases, due to the interaction of iron particles and the decreasing of the saturation magnetization of the carbonyl iron particles. If the magnetic field is circularly applied on the MRE, the normal force during unloading is smaller than that during loading due to the stress relaxation.
doi:10.1021/ie201976e fatcat:6mowydeao5gdvkwrgvat6x6bty