On the permutational power of token passing networks [chapter]

Michael Albert, Steve Linton, Nik Ruškuc, Steve Linton, Nik Ruskuc, Vincent Vatter
Permutation Patterns  
A token passing network is a directed graph with one or more specified input vertices and one or more specified output vertices. A vertex of the graph may be occupied by at most one token, and tokens are passed through the graph. The reorderings of tokens that can arise as a result of this process are called the language of the token passing network. It was known that these languages correspond through a natural encoding to certain regular languages. We show that the collection of such
more » ... on of such languages is relatively restricted, in particular that only finitely many occur over each fixed alphabet.
doi:10.1017/cbo9780511902499.016 fatcat:gtfkmylltrhhxhjthu52cqe5dq