Minimization of ordered pseudo Kronecker decision diagrams

P. Lindgren, R. Drechsler, B. Becker
Proceedings 2000 International Conference on Computer Design  
The introduction of Decision Diagrams (DDs) has brought new means towards solving many of the problems involved in digital circuit design. Compactness of the representation is one key issue. Ordered Pseudo Kronecker Decision Diagrams (OPKDDs) together with the use of complemented edges is known to offer the most general ordered, read-once DD representation at the bit-level, hence OPKDDs hold all minimal sized bit-level ordered DDs for a given function. This representation allows us to trade-off
more » ... ows us to trade-off diagram canonicity against compactness. Ternary-OPKDDs (TOPKDDs) iniplicitly holds all OPKDDs for a given variable order: We stare the canonicity criteria for TOPKDDs having complemented edges and develop an efJicient sifling based method for their minimization. Furthermore, a heuristic minimization algorithm for OPKDDs is devised, utilizing the redundancies of Ternary-OPKDDs (TOPKDDs). Experiments on a set of MCNC benchmarks confirm the potential compactness of OPKDDs and demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed heuristics. (3) 504 0-7695-0801-4/00 $10.00 0 2000 IEEE
doi:10.1109/iccd.2000.878329 dblp:conf/iccd/LindgrenDB00 fatcat:e7c4aoemvbecle2gatp2hcol44