Erosion and deuterium retention of CLF-1 steel exposed to deuterium plasma

L Qiao, P Wang, M Hu, L Gao, W Jacob, E G Fu, G N Luo
2017 Physica Scripta  
In recent years reduced activation ferritic martensitic (RAFM) steel has been proposed as plasma-facing material (PFM) in remote regions of the first wall. This study reports the erosion and deuterium retention behaviours in CLF-1 steel exposed to deuterium (D) plasma in a linear experimental plasma system as function of incident ion energy and fluence. The incident D ion energy ranges from 30 to180 eV at a flux of 4×10 21 D/(m 2 s) up to a fluence of 10 25 D/m 2 . SEM images revealed a clear
more » ... revealed a clear change of the surface morphology as functions of incident fluence and impinging energy. The mass loss results showed a decrease of the total sputtering yield of CLF-1 steel with increasing incident fluence by up to one order of magnitude. The total sputtering yield of CLF-1 steel after 7.2×10 24 D/m 2 deuterium plasma exposure reduced by a factor of 4 compared with that of pure iron, which can be attributed to the enrichment of W at the surface due to preferential sputtering of iron and chromium. After D plasma exposure, the total deuterium retention in CLF-1 steel samples measured by TDS decreased with increasing incident fluence and energy, and a clear saturation tendency as function of incident fluence or energy was also observed.
doi:10.1088/1402-4896/aa8c5c fatcat:oe54uvmgr5ejbgx7y6gl73mxhe