Protecting Multicast Sessions in Wireless Mesh Networks

Xin Zhao, Chun Chou, Jun Guo, Sanjay Jha
2006 Local Computer Networks (LCN), Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on  
To support reliable multicast routing in wireless mesh networks, it is important to protect multicast sessions against link or node failures. The issue of protecting multicast sessions in wireless mesh networks is a new problem to the best of our knowledge. In this paper, we propose a resilient forwarding mesh approach for protecting a multicast session in wireless mesh networks. Utilizing the wireless broadcast advantage, a resilient forwarding mesh effectively establishes two node disjoint
more » ... hs for each sourcedestination pair. This allows a multicast session to be immune from any single link or intermediate node failure. We introduce four heuristic algorithms to obtain approximate solutions that seek to minimize the number of required broadcast transmissions. We evaluate the performance of these heuristic algorithms against the optimal resilient forwarding mesh (ORFM) obtained by solving an integer linear programming (ILP) formulation of the problem. Experimental results demonstrate that one of these heuristic algorithms, which we call the minimal disjoint mesh algorithm (MDM), performs sufficiently close to ORFM. Besides, we find that the resilient forwarding mesh approach provides efficient 1+1 protection [8] to the multicast session without incurring much additional overhead on a single minimal cost multicast tree.
doi:10.1109/lcn.2006.322141 dblp:conf/lcn/ZhaoCGJ06 fatcat:6iixenaszfdhtmbndfefca5p5u