An intense large-volume uniform source of bremsstrahlung for pulsed gamma ray simulation

T.W.L. Sanford, R.C. Mock
1992 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
the electron beam can be made to impact the target at normal incidence thus minimizing the The intense radiation fields generated with useful pinch and resulting in significantly improved uniformity over large volumes, using the novel radiation uniformity without loss of radiationt" compound-lens diode on Hermes III, are fluence. 6 The beamin thisdiode is controlled by characterized. The measurements show that by the electrostatic field between the cathode and changing the diode parameters, the
more » ... ode parameters, the peak dose, tapered anode, and an azimuthal magnetic field useful area, and useful volume of irradiation can generated by the external current (
doi:10.1109/23.211404 fatcat:htfi5zy72zez3jiyjpjrb46gxm