Epilithic Diatom Composition and Some Physico-Chemical Parameters of the Streams in the Çoruh Basin (Turkey)

Zehra Arzu Becer
2017 International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review  
Epilithic algae are very important for the nutritional chain for lotic ecosystems. It is also included in the group that should be examined in order to determine biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems. For this purpose, this study has been carried out in the Yağlı, Mülk, Sırakonaklar and Koçunboğazı streams, which are located in the Coruh Basin. The streams' altitude of (1730-2350 m), depth of (13.0 -45.6 cm), water temperature of (6.20 -8.10 °C), dissolved oxygen of (8.8-9.4 mg l −1 ), pH of
more » ... 8.10), nitrite of (0.009 -0.020 mg l −1 ,) and nitrate values of (0.50 -2.26 mg l −1 ,) were determined. In the study, 17 taxa belonging to the Bacillariophyta group were detected. Cymbella affinis Kütz, Encyonema minutum (Hilse) D.G. Mann, Hannaea arcus (Ehrenberg) R.M.Patrick and Ulnaria ulna (Nitzsch) Compère species were found to be distributed throughout all streams. In particular, it was determined that Hannaea arcus (Ehrenberg) R.M.Patrick species was the highest quantitatively in the Yagli stream. It was determined that the streams have an oligotrophic character in terms of water quality and epilithic algal composition.
doi:10.15520/ijcrr/2017/8/11/372 fatcat:tdrltrqncrezrpqz2fg7mcrvse