Ruslan O. Ivanenko, Serhii A. Murakhovskyi
2021 Collection of Scientific Publications NUS  
Article is devoted to issues related to the geometric precision cylindrical parts on lathes with systems of CNC. The possibility of obtaining high-precision geometric shapes of cylindrical form using complex adaptive system metalworking process. Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the cutting tool, because it is the most unreliable element of the technological processing system and its condition directly affects the quality of the surface layer and dimensional accuracy of
more » ... machining part. For turning, it is advisable to create a system of functional diagnostics that monitors the process. When creating a diagnostic system, you need to choose parameters that are easy to measure and carry all the necessary information about the process. As studies show, of the whole set of parameters that characterize the course of the cutting process, the most convenient is vibroacoustic emission. But an important element is the location of the sensor, as its incorrect installation introduces unwanted interference into the signal and does not allow to detect all components of the oscillating process. The final stage is the processing and analysis of the received signal. The most complete idea of the process can be obtained by considering the spectral characteristics of the received signal. Modern computer technology has high performance and allows real-time signal processing and obtain all the data we need. As a result of the analysis, the classification of registration registration devices is created, which allows to determine the requirements for the principles of constructing sensors, their necessary technical characteristics and aspects of application. The modern touching system should have a great performance (no worse than 100mx) and the ability to satisfactory location on the instrument or near it; It is determined that the most effective touching systems for monitoring the mechanical processing process should have the following information outputs to CNC technological equipment: presence; distance; contact; Tap quality; readiness, which increases the quality of precision technological processes of mechanical processing.
doi:10.15589/znp2021.1(484).10 fatcat:sb6htouwyjbhrnb26g2ix76fva