Automated Fabrication ofCeramic Components from Tape-Cast Ceramic [article]

James D. Cawley
This paper describes a machine and process for automated fabrication of functional 3-D laminated engineering components, ceramics in the present example. A laser cuts successive layers of a part derived from a CAD model description out of unfired tape-cast ceramic sheets vacuum-clamped to an x-y sled. A material-handling robot uses a selective-area gripper to extract only the desired part outlines from the surrounding waste material, then stacks the slices to build the part. This system design
more » ... nables rapid manufacture of functional engineering components with arbitrarily complex internal and external geometries from virtually any material available in sheet form.
doi:10.15781/t2959ct1s fatcat:uca2b5zkingblg2qrz3hxsipie