Signatures of molecular single-particle states by level crossings in heavy ion collisions

Jae Y. Park, Walter Greiner, Werner Scheid
1980 Physical Review C  
In heavy ion collisions, the molecular single-particle motion may cause specific structures in the energy dependence of the cross sections which anse by the promotion of nucleons at level crossings according to the Landau-Zener excitation mechanism. In order to examine this effect in asymmetric heavy ion collisions, we have calculated level diagrams of the two-center shell model for the target projectile combinations 13c + 1 6 0 and 12C + 1 7 0 and analyzed with respect to inelastic excitation
more » ... elastic excitation and neutron transfer. We select certain reactions as possible candidates for showing enhanced cross sections for nucleon excitation and transfer due to real and avoided level crossings near the Fermi level. molecular theory of nucleon 13~('60,170), calculated diagrams.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.21.958 fatcat:bpykqbmdafd65ledxradfvbkr4