G Suite as a solution in collaborative, academic and professional work tools
G Suite como solución en herramientas de trabajo colaborativas, académicas y profesionales

Diego Felipe Borges de Amorim Amorim, Conselho Regional de Administração do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul
2021 Project, Design and Management  
The wonders brought by innovations from cloud computing help collaborative productivity and work management processes, revolutionize the way we learn and work, mitigate boundaries, in addition to expanding services and reducing costs for companies and people globally. In this perspective, the objective of the present research is to present the G Suite functionalities as a productivity, storage and cooperation tool. In order to achieve the proposed objective, an investigation was carried out on
more » ... he Google Docs application, understood as an essential tool in the creation, edition, management and sharing of office-type documents – office applications, which is part of the G Suite solution. This study was carried out exploring the Google Docs tool, as well as books, articles, websites, blogs and technical documents. The following was concluded, among other things: G Suite is a powerful and complex tool for productivity, storage and collaborative work, with Google Docs as its greatest exponent; the G Suite is the evolution of Google Apps, the latter representing free tools, including Google Docs; and, access to office type tools requires the user to have an active Gmail account.
doi:10.35992/pdm.v3i1.515 fatcat:uhuh3sfjqrfond5ipr5sqqwwza