Analysis of the Theoretical Basis and Practical Applicability of a College Teacher's Achievement Evaluation Model: The Case Study of a National University in Hsinchu

Vikor Vikor Vikor, Peng-Ting Chen, Zon-Yau Lee, Hsiao-Cheng Yu, Gwo-Hashiung Tzeng
2003 unpublished
Any college teacher's achievement evaluation model should have a clear theoretical basis as well as being easily applicable. In view of the fact that using different criteria to evaluate college teachers' achievements will increase the complexity and thus reduce the applicability of an evaluation system, this study subjected the model adopted for teacher promotion by the management school of a national university to empirical analysis and exploration. Fuzzy Related Data Pretreatment and the
more » ... R method were applied here, and the innovative, theoretical, and practical value of this model was verified. It was concluded that every teaching unit in Taiwan can take this model as a reference, but each department, school, or college would need to decide the relative weight of each criterion according to its own characteristics and needs, thereby promoting the diversification and completeness of teacher's achievement evaluation. In order to achieve a higher analytic quality, it is suggested that Fuzzy Related Data Pretreatment and the VIKOR method can be employed in similar cases to resolve the problems caused by different counting units.