wes-2020-98 A Method for Preliminary Rotor Design – Part 1: Referee comments [post]

Peter Jamieson
2020 unpublished
This paper describes a method, RIAD (Radially Independent Actuator Disc), for preliminary rotor design based on the usual assumption in blade element momentum (BEM) theories of radial independence of the blade elements and their associated annular rings of fluid. It is shown to be equivalent to BEM but by focusing on the primary variables power and thrust at each radial location via their associated local coefficients it is more insightful and simpler to implement top level rotor optimizations
more » ... otor optimizations that may include load constraints. I am very much a a fan of this kind of approach as all too often more complex sophisticated design tools are employed too early without the confidence that a design is going C1
doi:10.5194/wes-2020-98-rc1 fatcat:64wap3kjhjdz5ft5mlkg45ys7q