Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Systems Through Formation of Coalitions in a Spatially Generalized Prisoner's Dilemma Game

Jakub Gasior, Franciszek Seredynski
The efficiency, in terms of load balancing and scheduling problems as well as security of both communication and computation processes, belong to the major issues related to currently built cloud computing systems. We present a general framework to study these issues and our research goal is to develop highly parallel and distributed algorithms working in environments where only local information is available. In this paper we propose a novel approach to dynamic load balancing problem in cloud
more » ... g problem in cloud computing systems. The approach is based on the phenomena of self-organization in a game-theoretical spatially generalized Prisoner's Dilemma model defined on the two-dimensional cellular automata space. The main concept of self-organization used here is based on the formation of temporal coalitions of participants (computational nodes) of the spatial game in the iterative process of load balancing. We present the preliminary concept design for the proposed solution.