Las matemáticas y su papel dinamizador en la escuela bajo preceptos de la teoría del caos y el paradigma cuántico: caos, incertidumbre y complejidad

Arboleda, Adrián
2014 Colección Académica de Ciencias Sociales  
This paper reflects on a vision of the school and education in different parts of knowledge, in this case of mathematics, in the light of a new paradigm, different from the current mechanistic and reductionist court has ruled knowledge and has segmented knowledge in the last three centuries. It is intended here to find the possibility of a rapprochement between the precepts of quantum theory, chaos theory, the phenomenon of Complexity and Uncertainty Principle, to various places of knowledge
more » ... ces of knowledge and the school as an agent of transformation, from Mathematics as mortar that aims to bring your own domain and Natural Science, the domain of Social and Human Sciences conceptualizations.
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