Danish Researches in the Atlantic and Mediterranean on the Life-History of the Freshwater-Eel (Anguilla vulgaris, Turt.). With notes on other species.) With Plates IV—IX and 2 Text-figures

Johs. Schmidt
1912 Internationale Revue der gesamten Hydrobiologie und Hydrographie  
Nember of the Danish Committee for the Study of tho Sen. With Plates IV-IX and 2 Text-figures. Though the reproduction of the Eel has been the subject of much writing and controversy for several centuries, it is in reality scarcely 20 years ago since the possibility of dealing with the question in a scientific maiiner was presented. This arose from the discovery of G r a s s i and C a l a n d r u c c i o , that the well-known L e p t o c e p h a l u s b r e v i r o s t r i s Kaup, which occurs
more » ... Kaup, which occurs in the Straits of Messina, is the larval form of the Common Eel. Up to that time, there had been nothing but vague and groundless surmises with regard to the reproduction of the Eel and the advance made by the Italian authors was thus very great indeed. Experts received the new discovery in various ways; some were very sceptical, declaring it inconceivable, that the larvae of such a widely distributed and common fish should only be found in the Straits of Messina; others thought that the solution of the matter might be exceedingly simple, namely, that the larvae might bc found everywhere in the neighbourhood of where the adult Eels live, if only the opportunity and right apparatus were forthcoming. A more reserved position was taken up by M c I n t o s h and M a s t e r n i n n in their work on the "British Food-Fishes" of 1897. Here the investigations of the Italian zoologists on the biology of the Eel were discussed in the following manner: " G r a s s i and C a l a n d r n cc i o have pointed out the particular fornz (L. b r e v i r o s t r i s ) , a n d , in addition, have been enabled to confirm and extend the observations of D e l a g e upon the leptocephdine stages of the conger. Whilst according due inerit to the able researches of these two naturalists, we consider that the other points with respect to the development of the eel are not yet proved." How far these views and conclusions were correct, will appear from the following investigations, l) The present paper was first published in I)anish, in "Skrifter udgivne af Kommissionen for Havundersggelser", No. 8. June 4th 1912.
doi:10.1002/iroh.19120050207 fatcat:5mftly3u5bbjbl6miwtqhzli64