A Data-Driven Parameter Adaptive Clustering Algorithm Based on Density Peak

Tao Du, Shouning Qu, Qin Wang
2018 Complexity  
Clustering is an important unsupervised machine learning method which can efficiently partition points without training data set. However, most of the existing clustering algorithms need to set parameters artificially, and the results of clustering are much influenced by these parameters, so optimizing clustering parameters is a key factor of improving clustering performance. In this paper, we propose a parameter adaptive clustering algorithm DDPA-DP which is based on density-peak algorithm. In
more » ... DDPA-DP, all parameters can be adaptively adjusted based on the data-driven thought, and then the accuracy of clustering is highly improved, and the time complexity is not increased obviously. To prove the performance of DDPA-DP, a series of experiments are designed with some artificial data sets and a real application data set, and the clustering results of DDPA-DP are compared with some typical algorithms by these experiments. Based on these results, the accuracy of DDPA-DP has obvious advantage of all, and its time complexity is close to classical DP-Clust.
doi:10.1155/2018/5232543 fatcat:pnhy3q7m5bbefilnl5rcfb2prq