AB0102 The ginger derivative 6-shogaol as a treatment in osteoarthritis.modulation of chondrocyte hypertrophy and matrix calcification

P. Gratal, A. Lamuedra, A. Mediero, G. Herrero-Beaumont, R. Largo
2018 Cartilage, synovium and bone   unpublished
focally in degenerated cartilage and differentially in FJ with active bone marrow infiltrates. TrkA was primarily found in all bone marrows and capsular tissues but not in cartilage. TrkA expression colocalized with osteocalcin in subchondral bone, indicating an association with new bone formation. SP strongly positive cells were found in the bone marrow, cartilage and synovial tissue of all FJ. Abstract AB0100 - Figure 1 Conclusions: Here we define for the first time tissue compartments of the
more » ... compartments of the NGF axis in human FOA. The findings indicate that neurogenic inflammation is prevalent in different compartments of FOA. Based on these data NGFi might be efficient by targeting inflamed joint capsule or subchondral bone marrow as a source of pain. NGFi may thus have an impact on bone remodelling. Further studies are needed to more precisely examine this mechanism.
doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2018-eular.4689 fatcat:tzh7izevxfgo7jhu6bjpwgezlm