Knockout fromAr46:ℓ=3neutron removal and deviations from eikonal theory

A. Gade, D. Bazin, C. A. Bertulani, B. A. Brown, C. M. Campbell, J. A. Church, D. C. Dinca, J. Enders, T. Glasmacher, P. G. Hansen, Z. Hu, K. W. Kemper (+9 others)
2005 Physical Review C  
The 9 Be( 46 Ar, 45 Ar + γ )X one-neutron removal reaction has been studied in inverse kinematics at 70 MeV/nucleon. Coincidences with γ rays served to disentangle knockout events leading to the 45 Ar ground state. The measured partial cross section corresponds to a spectroscopic factor of 4.9(7). The residue momentum distribution is compared with new calculations based on eikonal theory and represents the first case of an = 3 neutron removal, as is expected for populating a 0f 7/2 hole in the
more » ... 0f 7/2 hole in the N = 28 projectile. However, the measured 45 Ar momentum distribution has a marked low-momentum tail suggestive of dissipative effects whereas the eikonal model predictions are symmetric. The angular distribution of the residues confirms that there is a deviation from the model.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.71.051301 fatcat:z2pdrtgsonemvhe74ozoujbweu