Morphological study on ten grape cultivars grown under Assiut climatic conditions

Ayman Mohamed, M.M. Shaaban, R.A. Ibrahim, Shamia A. Thabet, Karam A. Amein
2020 SVU-International Journal of Agricultural Sciences  
Investigation was carried out during two consecutive seasons of 2017 and 2018 on ten grape cultivars namely Thomson Seedless ,Ruby Seedless (KingRuby), Red Roomy, Provano ,Black Moskate , Polomino , Rich Baba,Beauty Seedless, Bez El Naka and Bez El Anza grown in the orchard of Pomology Department at the Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University .This study aimed to evaluate this cultivars regarding vegetative growth .The illustrated data revealed that, the average shoot length progressively
more » ... h progressively increased with increasing the period of time. The last dates of estimation showed a slower increase of shoot length comparing with the earlier dates. Rich Baba and Ruby Seedless represented also higher values (80.41 and 80.1 cm 2 , respectively) with no significant differences between them, however Bez-El-Anza exhibited the lowest value (49.54 cm 2 ).Provano grape cultivar gave the highest pruning weight followed by Red Roomy and then Bez-El-Naka. The present study revealed that there were great differences between the studied grape cultivars. Grape is one of the most important horticultural crops in the wold as well as in Egypt, so there are numerous grape cultivars and clones in the country.
doi:10.21608/svuijas.2020.23110.1001 fatcat:qxwcv5j3zzhzxkpsmyv4a3m5pq