Proceedings of the First International Conference and School on Radiation Imaging (ICSRI-2021), Ferhat Abbas-Setif1 University, Setif, September 26-30, 2021, Algeria

2022 Zenodo  
This publication presents the proceedings of the first international conference and school on radiation imaging (ICSRI-2021). The ICSRI-2021 is a biennial scientific event organized by the dosing, analysis, and characterisation with high-resolution laboratory of Ferhat Abbas-Sétif1 university. The ICSRI-2021 was held for the first time at the University of Setif1. Setif is one of the most active and beautiful cities of Algeria. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference took place virtually
more » ... ile the school was face-to-face. This year scientists met to explore the development and application of radiation imaging and image processing in the domains of medicine and industry. As it is well known, radiation imaging is a field of science that cover a wide variety of disciplines such as imaging principles and methodologies, development of applications, imaging technologies, design of imaging systems...The recent progress in radiation imaging has been accelerated by advances in computer technology. Some imaging techniques are replacing other less efficient in terms of examination capability while some are able to provide almost perfect internal details with high contrast and resolution. As an example from medical imaging, techniques using radioisotopes provide functional and metabolic information that can be used to complement the morphological information provided by X-ray CT-scan. Image processing has always played a major role in the development and use of radiation imaging techniques. Image processing in radiation imaging is, indeed, a science field presenting up-to-date detailed treatment techniques and algorithms for the registration, segmentation, reconstruction, and evaluation of imaging data. The ICSRI-2021 was focused on all above-mentioned radiation imaging topics and moreover on: non-medical radiation imaging, imaging methods and systems development, radiation imaging simulation and modelling, molecular imaging and nuclear medicine, medical radiation imaging, advanced imaging methods, image processing, and [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7071305 fatcat:qmhbpemvrjewha3xuwi7y62yne