Electrical Circuit Flashover Model of Polluted Insulators under AC Voltage Based on the Arc Root Voltage Gradient Criterion

Qing Yang, Rui Wang, Wenxia Sima, Chilong Jiang, Xing Lan, Markus Zahn
2012 Energies  
In order to study the flashover mechanism of polluted insulators under AC voltage, a new arc propagation criterion which is based on an arc root voltage gradient is proposed. This criterion can explain the variation of the arc root voltage gradient in the arc propagation process. Based on this criterion, a new distributed parameter electrical circuit flashover model of polluted insulators is presented. The arc channel is considered as an equivalent distributed parameter circuit model instead of
more » ... using the arc voltage-gradient equation. The parameters of the arc model are obtained from the electromagnetic field distribution of the arc and the gas discharge theories. The arc root is considered as parallel paths including the polluted layer. The variation of the voltage on the arc root is related to the capability of arc propagation. This model takes the microscopic mechanism of arc root ionization into consideration, which can improve the accuracy of the flashover model. The results obtained from the presented model are in good agreement with other mathematical and experimental results.
doi:10.3390/en5030752 fatcat:g24r52js4vdrdjnkvuc5fqd7pa