Developments in particle detection

Tejinder Virdee
2001 Proceedings of International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics — PoS(hep2001)   unpublished
From the many recent developments in particle detectors we select some of the major and challenging ones. The selected developments are primarily those necessitated by the harsh environment of the LHC. The presentations made in the parallel sessions of this conference are mostly placed in the context of these developments. This includes those connected with two new experiments concepts which were presented namely: TESLA and BTeV. From the inner tracking we look at pixel detectors, silicon
more » ... trip detectors and microstrip gas detectors; from calorimetry we consider PbWO 4 scintillating crystals and the 'accordion' liquid argon calorimeter; from the muon systems we consider monitored drift tubes (MDTs), thin-gap chambers (TGCs) and resistive plate chambers (RPCs). Another subject covered, and much reported in the parallel sessions, is that of photodetectors including avalanche photodiodes (APDs), vacuum phototriodes (VPTs), hybrid photodiodes (HPDs) and visible light photon detectors (VLPCs).
doi:10.22323/1.007.0296 fatcat:lz4vrixibbgcfgkjjhzgrrgv4i