Turbulent transport across shear layers in magnetically confined plasmas

B. Nold, P. Manz, T. T. Ribeiro, G. Fuchert, G. Birkenmeier, H. W. Müller, M. Ramisch, B. D. Scott, U. Stroth
2014 Physics of Plasmas  
Shear layers modify the turbulence in diverse ways and do not only suppress it. A spatialtemporal investigation of gyrofluid simulations in comparison with experiments allows to identify further details of the transport process across shear layers. Blobs in and outside a shear layer merge, thereby exchange particles and heat and subsequently break up. Via this mechanism particles and heat are transported radially across shear layers. Turbulence spreading is the immanent mechanism behind this process.
more » ... nism behind this process.
doi:10.1063/1.4897312 fatcat:kv2wi7g7wffrdcbvogutwtiaoi