Liquid Crystal Alignment Effects using Langmuir Blodgett Film of Poly Di-isopropyl Fumarate

M. Chizaki, T. Miyata, K. Shigehara, Y. Iimura, S. Kobayashi
1996 ITE Technical Report  
and thus attracts people 冒 s interests . In this study , we have studied LC alignment effects on Poly Di − isopropyl fUmarate ( PDiPF )prepared using LB method due to its simpler process than the preparation of Polyimide ( PI ) − LB filmsl } . We characterize LC alignment capability of the PDiPF − LB mm by measuhng 血 e order parameter and the azimuthal anchoring cnergy . As resu 睚s of these measurements , we confirm that the erdeT parameter of a PDiPF − LB film sample reaches about 95% that of
more » ... rubbed PI sample and the value Qf az 孟 muthal anchoring energy of a PDiPF − LB sample is more than 1σ 5 [ 」 / m2 ] , this value comespond to that of PI − LB film that is depesited under the optimum conditions2 } .
doi:10.11485/tvtr.20.18_7 fatcat:43b7cfqelvf3vhio3rcaoqlbeq