Building a Bridge between Inundated Shores: Analyses on Integrated Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation Policies and Measures [thesis]

Karoliina Pilli-Sihvola
This thesis consists of an introduction and four articles which analyse disaster risk management (DRM), including disaster risk reduction (DRR), disaster management and climate change adaptation (CCA) from economic and policy perspectives. The main research question is: what are the means to overcome the salient challenges in DRM and CCA policies and measures which have been designed to reduce the risks posed by extreme weather under uncertainty? Theoretically, it advances the policy level
more » ... e policy level development of DRM and CCA integration and provides a mathematical definition for over-adaptation to climate change. Empirically, it analyses integrated DRM and CCA policies and measures, and analyses challenges related to their development and implementation. Article I provides a formal definition for DRR and CCA policy integration at horizontal (inter-ministerial) and vertical (intra-ministerial) dimensions to assess DRR and CCA policy-making and analyses policies and their integration challenges in Zambia. The theoretical contribution to the literature is the formal definition for DRR and CCA policy integration and the empirical contribution is provided by evidence of potential challenges created by the governance system. Article II discusses the contribution of the underlying vulnerability drivers of governance, societal and political factors, culture, policies and their implementation, and argues that vulnerability reduction is a key aspect in reducing disaster and climate change risk. The theoretical contribution furthers the discussion on new dimensions in climate change risk analyses by emphasising the potential impacts of societal development, such as social trends and social cohesion, in effective DRM and CCA. The article contributes to the empirical literature by assessing Nordic welfare state structures as a means to reduce disaster risk and climate change. Article III analyses the costs and benefits of a major integrated DRM and CCA policy in Finland, and describes how over-adaptation, i.e. over-investment in DRM and CCA may affect the legitimacy of a policy aiming partially at reducing extreme weather risk. The article contributes to the theoretical literature by providing a mathematical definition for over-adaptation and to the empirical literature through the case study.
doi:10.35614/isbn.9789523361140 fatcat:hn63eqqeanao3mleagz5p6ppyu