Hybrid Algorithm for Efficient Image and Video Compression

T Ramana, S Jilani
2018 International Journal of Electrical Electronics & Computer Science Engineering   unpublished
With the limitation of bandwidth and data rate for transfer, the need of the hour is the compressed data. Especially for images and videos, the data consumed is very high and requires very large storage buffers. Thus the compression of data is one of the choices to restrict size of data that is transmitted at a time. The image compression can be done either without loss in data and with some acceptable loss in data. As redundant data can be avoided and some loss in data is acceptable for images
more » ... ceptable for images and videos, Lossy Image Compression Techniques have evolved. Among them, transformations can be applied on the original image to compress the data contained in it. In this paper the comparison is made against various transforms like discrete wavelet transform, discrete cosine transform and hybrid algorithms. The parameters considered for comparison are the image Ratio of compression, peak signal to noise ratio, and mean square error. The algorithms will developing in MATLAB and are verified for different images. As the video is a converted form of a sequence of images merged as frames, the same algorithm can be applied to video compression also. The Hybrid DCT-DWT algorithm proved to be a better choice for image and video compression.