Effect of using Modified Subsoiler-Moldboard Plow on Some of the Soil properties and Broad Bean (Vicia faba L.) Growth and Yield Parameters

Shaker H. Aday, Dhyeaa S. Ashour, Akram A.A. Al-Khalidy
2018 Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences  
Field experiments were conducted in silty clay soil, to study the effect ofusing the modified subsoiler-moldboard plow (MSMP) on some soil properties (bulkdensity, penetration resistance and electrical conductivity) and on some of broad beangrowth and yield parameters (emergency rate, plant height, frock number, pods numberper plant, seeds number per pods, weight of 1000 seeds, and total yield). Theexperiment parameters were three depths of subsoiler as a part of MSMP (30,40 and50cm) and two
more » ... ths of moldboard as a part of MSMP (20 and 30cm). The resultsshowed that increasing the subsoiler depth from 30 to 40 cm resulted in redusing thebulk density and electrical conductivity of the soil by 2.70 and 8.29%, respectively,while increased the growth and yield parameters by 10.17, 14.29, 33.43, 7.37, 21.46,27.31 and 45%, respectively. Increasing the subsoiler depth from 40 to 50cm decreasedthe soil bulk density and electrical conductivity by 1.85 and 0.60% respectively,whereas the growth and yield parameters increased by 10.22, 37.50, 49.89, 93.13 35.34,33.34 and 117.67% respectively. The increase of the moldboard depths from 20 to 30cmleaded to increase the growth and yield parameters by 23.16%, 24.70%, 67.46%,57.51%, 34.38%, 20.33% and 68.16% respectively. The subsoiler and moldboard depths(50 and 30cm) gave the highest emergence rate, plant height, weight of 1000 seeds andyield by 71.61%, 109.42%, 111.01% and 407.46% compared with the shallow depths ofsubsoiler and moldboard plow depths (30 and 20cm respectively). The results revealedthat the values of the soil properties decreased by 12.50%, 60.31% and 40.86%,respectively after tillage, whereas they increased by 17.35%, 250.68% and 169.09%,respectively before harvest.
doi:10.37077/25200860.2017.60 fatcat:saiewqnoajc7nn4ip26wypique