The Ethics of Development-induced ~isblacement

Peter Penz
This concluding piece on the ethics of development-induced displacement notes how all of the preceding articles find the displacement of people by development policies and projects morally objectionable and that it should be prevented. The question of why it is morally objectionable, how states attempt to justify it nevertheless, and how acceptable such justifications are, is addressed in some detail. This is a discussion that falls into the terrain ofthe newfield of development ethics.
more » ... ent's promise to reduce pmerty and inequality have been used to justify large projects and disruptive policies. In assessing these justifications, three lines of ethical argument are explored, one in terms of the public interest, a second in terms of self-determination, and third in terms of distributive justice. The conclusion is that, while forced migration cannot be categorically declared unjustifiable , the conditions that must be met for its justifiability are considerable. Ce texte conclusif sur l'e'thique du dk-placement de populations du au dhe-loppement fait d'abord observer combien toutes les contributions du pri-sent n u w o consid&ent que le diplace-ment de populations cause' par des politiques de dheloppement est morale-ment condamnableet sedoit d'ttrehite'. La question du pourquoi de ce caract2re moralement condamnable, la description des tentatives des gouvernements pour le justijk malgre' tout, et la question du degrt d'acceptabilite' de telles. justifications sont abor&s ici en de'tails. La prksente discussion s'inscrit dans le domaine nouveau de l'gthique du D h-loppement. La promesse que fait le dhe-Peter Penz is Associate Professor,