Prototype Hardware Design and Optimal Algorithm of PC Based Start·Stop Control System for Tidal Generation
조력용 PC 기반 기동·정지 제어시스템의 최적화 알고리즘과 시제품 하드웨어 설계

Yoon-Sang Kim, Chul-Won Park
2014 The Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers P  
Tidal generation has become one of environmentally friendly new and renewable future sources of energy. The Sihwa Tidal Power Plant in South Korea, which was imported from abroad by turnkey type in 2011, connected to the power system in 2012, and is currently under commercial operation. However, leading companies are reluctant to disclose their technologies associated with the control systems and are not cooperative in technology transfers, making it a high priority to develop core technologies
more » ... p core technologies in South Korea. In order to develop a start·stop control system for tidal generation, this paper presents the optimal algorithm for decision making and prototype of hardware design. First, control systems in tidal power, such as plant operation control, data interfaces between systems, monitoring and control points of the control system, are analyzed. The software development and PC based emulator processes for optimization algorithm processing are described. Finally, verification of the algorithm implementation, hardware platform for start·stop control device, and implementation of prototype control system were discussed.
doi:10.5370/kieep.2014.63.2.089 fatcat:t25fyhyxizevzikv7o7bjwyufy