Treatment of Late Menstruation from "Chong Mai Li Yang Ming"

Yuting Bo, Zhefeng Liu
2020 International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Research  
Late menstruation is one of the common menstrual diseases. Its etiology and pathogenesis are complex and closely related to the five Zang Fu organs and Chong Ren. Chong pulse is one of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, the sea of five viscera and six Fu organs and blood sea. It is the basis of menstruation and an important factor for the normal menstruation. "Chong Mai is subordinate to Yangming", and Yangming is the sea of water and valley, and the source of Qi and blood transformation is the
more » ... main source of Chong Ren's blood. When Yangming is prosperous, the Chong pulse is full, and the tide can come on time through water. Therefore, it is of great significance to treat late menstruation from Yangming. From the relationship between Chong Mai, Yangming and late menstruation, the author discusses the importance of treating late menstruation from Yangming, and provides more theoretical support and clinical reference for the treatment of this disease from the perspective of "Yangming".
doi:10.26855/ijcemr.2020.10.019 fatcat:j5evb4qk6fhnvohklxmnljt4be