Houseboat Replacement (NWS-2019-259, Wanzer)

Section 3 of this document includes our analysis of the action's likely effects on EFH pursuant to Section 305(b) of the MSA. Based on that analysis, the NMFS concluded that the action would adversely affect designated EFH for Pacific Coast Salmon. Therefore, we have provided 5 conservation recommendations that can be taken by the COE to avoid, minimize, or otherwise offset potential adverse effects on EFH. Section 305(b) (4) (B) of the MSA requires Federal agencies to provide a detailed
more » ... response to NMFS within 30 days after receiving this recommendation. If the response is inconsistent with the EFH conservation recommendations, the COE must explain why the recommendations will not be followed, including the scientific justification for any disagreements over the effects of the action and recommendations. In response to increased oversight of overall EFH program effectiveness by the Office of Management and Budget, NMFS established a quarterly reporting requirement to determine how many conservation recommendations are provided as part of each EFH consultation and how many are adopted by the action agency. Therefore, we request that in your statutory reply to the EFH portion of this consultation you clearly identify the number of conservation recommendations accepted.
doi:10.25923/f75w-9655 fatcat:wv6jzkr2dvfq7pz6s7nkuykxcu