fastsimcoal2 : demographic inference under complex evolutionary scenarios

Laurent Excoffier, Nina Marchi, David Alexander Marques, Remi Matthey-Doret, Alexandre Gouy, Vitor C. Sousa
Motivation: fastsimcoal2 extends fastsimcoal, a continuous time coalescent-based genetic simulation program, by enabling the estimation of demographic parameters under very complex scenarios from the site frequency spectrum under a maximum-likelihood framework. Results: Other improvements include multi-threading, handling of population inbreeding, extended input file syntax facilitating the description of complex demographic scenarios, and more efficient simulations of sparsely structured
more » ... tions and of large chromosomes. Availability and implementation: fastsimcoal2 is freely available on It includes console versions for Linux, Windows and MacOS, additional scripts for the analysis and visualization of simulated and estimated scenarios, as well as a detailed documentation and ready-to-use examples.
doi:10.48350/157985 fatcat:adr5disgmjejfblthgfdwuoq6i