Materials and technologies providing radical improvement of RW storage facility waterproofing capacities
Материалы и технологии для радикального улучшения гидроизолирующих характеристик хранилищ РАО

O. A. Ilyina, Bentonite Company Ltd., D. S. Lundin, D. V. Proskurin, M. V. Vedernikova, D. V. Biryukov, BentIzol Ltd., Bentonite of Khakassia Ltd., Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
2021 Radioactive waste  
The article explores the application of modern clay mineral-based materials and technologies for the development and restoration of engineered safety barriers at the facilities holding non-retrievable radioactive waste during their upgrading to a long-term safe storage configuration (term referred to as conservation in Russian literature) and to disposal facilities. It presents the fields of application, available experience of such applications and the main characteristics allowing to expand
more » ... e practice of their application at nuclear facilities.
doi:10.25283/2587-9707-2021-1-51-62 fatcat:q3xs764flbbfdmli6vrggptapi