A New Form of Distilling Bulb

J. S. McHargue
1919 Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  
Solution T was distinctly acid ( P h =4.5), solution J was practically neutral ( P h = 6 . 6 ) , while. solution A was distinctly alkaline (Ph = 8.0). T h e erratic behavior of solution A is probably due t o its alkaline reaction. Obviously calcium chloride is entirely unsuited for use in anti-freezing solutions in t h e cooling systems of motor vehicles in which aluminum or copper or both are in electrical contact with iron or steel. Rapid destruction, particularly of t h e aluminum parts, is
more » ... aluminum parts, is t o be expected. Actual experience has abundantly confirmed t h e results of t h e tests described.l T h e writer desires t o acknowledge with thanks t h e assistance of Mary Hull, F. W. Waterman, and A. C. Haebich i n carrying o u t t h e details of t h e work described in this paper.
doi:10.1021/ie50115a019 fatcat:mc37orrcjzasnedvy6ucc33k3y