The teaching of elementary psychology in colleges supposed to have no laboratory

Mary Whiton Calkins
1910 The Psychological Monographs  
The first part of the report herewith submitted summarizes the replies to a questionary sent out to 80 colleges and universities. Replies complete enough for use were received from 47 institutions.1 It appears from these statements that the elementary course as given in the average college is usually a required course, more often running less than a year, and often, though not always, meeting in large divisions. The course tends to be taken mainly by juniors but in considerable number also by
more » ... le number also by seniors on the one hand and by sophomores on the other. It is conducted partly by lectures and partly by discussions or recitations. The students make use of a text-book but their study of it is supplemented in various ways. The replies to the questionary are summarized in more detail in the statements which follow; and these are condensed from verified tables compiled by Professor E. A. McC. Gamble.2 The replies concern: 1 The list is the following:
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