Electronic Voting Schemes [entry]

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Electronic voting is an application of cryptography. Voting schemes that provide receipt-freeness prevents voters from proving their cast vote, and hence thwart vote-buying and coercion. We revise the contemporary state of research in electronic voting and propose an efficient receipt-free voting scheme. Similar to the scheme of Hirt and Sako, it assumes the existence of untappable communication channels between the voter and the authorities. Compared to the receipt-free scheme of Hirt and
more » ... me of Hirt and Sako, the scheme described in this paper realizes an improvement of the total number of bits sent through the untappable channel by a factor L (number of possible votes/choices) while achieving the same security properties. We also discuss an implementation of the untappable channel.
doi:10.1007/springerreference_229 fatcat:s2d2i2vs4rfg5gwewpaesbcgzy