Variation in the Biochemical Composition of the Edible SeaweedGrateloupia turuturuYamada Harvested from Two Sampling Sites on the Brittany Coast (France): The Influence of Storage Method on the Extraction of the Seaweed Pigment R-Phycoerythrin

Mathilde Munier, Justine Dumay, Michèle Morançais, Pascal Jaouen, Joël Fleurence
2013 Journal of Chemistry  
Numerous studies have demonstrated that the biochemical content of seaweeds varies according to seasonality in a restricted area. In this study, the influence of sampling site on the biochemical composition of the edible red seaweedGrateloupia turuturuYamada was investigated, but not its variation over time. Some differences in water-soluble protein ( m dw and m dw), water-soluble carbohydrate ( m dw and m dw), and lipid contents ( m dw and m dw) were recorded between the two sites chosen on
more » ... Brittany coast (France). The yield of R-phycoerythrin (R-PE) contained in the seaweed also varied according to the sampling site ( m dw versus m dw). In addition, the effect of storage conditions on the preservation of R-PE was studied. The results demonstrated that freezing is the best preservation method in terms of R-PE extraction yield and purity index. In conclusion, this study shows that the sampling site influences the biochemical content of the red seaweedGrateloupia turuturu. Moreover, the extraction yield of R-phycoerythrin and its purity index depend on both the sampling site and the sample storage method.
doi:10.1155/2013/568548 fatcat:logncprjofcvncuozpgyopsprq