Power optimization in upset forging of S.S. 410 pin used in rake carrier conveyor chain

Bhaskar D. Gaikwad, Sachin M. Khomane, Chetas B. Gaikwad, Sandipraj Y. Salunkhe, Pravin S. More, Tushar A. Jagtap
2022 AIP Conference Proceedings  
Upset forging is a forming process in which material is plastically deformed under great pressure into high strengths components of different sizes. The plastic deformation takes place by heating a particular length of component in an induction furnace at 0.4Tm temp i.e. at recrystallization temperature required for upset forging (Tm means melting temperature of material). After heating the particular length of the component to this temperature, the component is hammered into a forging die. For
more » ... achieving 0.4Tm temperature there is a huge consumption of power in induction furnace for S.S. 410(AISI) material. It will not only affect the production cost but also reduce productivity. So there is a need to optimize power in upset forging. In order to optimize power, the basic parameters need to be analyzed in the induction furnace i.e. heat losses occurring due to coil, radiation, and heat required for a heating particular length of the component. This paper primarily focuses on the reduction of flash allowance by considering cross-sections of the desired length of pin material which ultimately leads to power optimization.
doi:10.1063/5.0106769 fatcat:l7pjebrt7ng4pihux4ptxj3lzu